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We will build this superb web site for just $1 during our promotion. The Scheduled price is $745 , you save hundreds while we are growing our market share. Included are 11 Face Book boost ready ads and page graphics. Order now and in a few days you will have your own fabulous Lead Generation and Face Book marketing strategy online and ready to go.


Lead Generation with your own branding!   Ideal for when you want to raise your local profile and hit the ground running.  We will build this superb web site for just $65 during our promotion. Scheduled price is $895 , you save hundreds while we are growing our market share. Included are 11 Face Book boost ready ads and page graphics. Your own marketing strategy that's ready to go in a few days.

Face Book Example Marketing Page.

View the example Lead Generation Face Book page showing 11 superbly designed ready to book Boost Ads, your own Power Marketing ready to put into action for as little as $1*. You will be provided all eleven Ads ready for you  to boost  into your chosen suburbs or postal codes.  The page logo and cover graphic are also provided along with an easy to follow set up guide. Why pay hundreds or thousands of dollars for less?

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"You have made my return to the industry so easy. I now have 9 new Market Appraisals after just a few days... my Lead Generation Website and Face Book Marketing are awesome! At any price this is truly incredible but for one dollar it is amazing... Thank you so much, your team are wonderful."

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New!  11 Superb Face Book Ads Included!
Power Ads Ready To Boost, Each With A Dedicated Quick Response Page. All This For Just $1*. Get More Listings More Often!

Why Your Own Dedicated Lead Generation Face Book Business Page Is So Important For Ad Boosting!

Lifestyle Series Face Book Boost Ready Ads Gallery
Each with dedicated web response page and form.

Each Face Book Ad links to a dedicated Quick Response Form Page on your Lead Generation website to facilitate variation of your Strategic Target Marketing.  Lifestyle response pages have a dedicated response form.















Social Media Marketing 

The new Social Media marketing revolution produces results, it's the present and future.  Using Face Book Boost and Promo Ads is both an inexpensive and effective way to reach people in your chosen marketing area.  Face Book ads can inform and involve your potential clients and can put your marketing message directly in front of them while they are using their phone, tablet or PC.  In short, there are two ways you can go, to get people to "Like" your Face Book Business Page or to encourage them to click on a link and go to a web site.

We believe you want more than "Likes", we believe you want leads.  You new Stealth Lead Generation web site comes packed with five powerul Face Book Ads that are ready for you to boost, to help we will send you an easy to follow Marketing Guide or can do everything for you if you wish.  Each Face Book Ad has its own directly related Response Page, when a potential client responds to one of your ads they will be taken to a page they will expect to see. 

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Stealth Lead Generation Face Book Ads

When boosting Ads Face Book places a logo image and name of the Face Book page source, if you promote from your own page then your name and photo will be shown. Stealth Lead Generation is all about giving people an opportunity to know how much their property could really sell for in today's Real Estate Market for free, without obligation, honestly and with integrity. Lead Generation Ads are best shown a neutral page source though of course may also be posted from your own business page, especially when using an Ad that shows your own photo (see Ad-11 below).

However, the fact is that the moment some people see that an Ad is sponsored by a Real Estate Agent they assume they are going to be overwhelmed by a flood of sales calls and skip by your promotion. The solution is to create your own dedicated Lead Generation Face Book Business Page (South Side Property Price for example) and to boost your Ads from this source. People will see only the page logo image and the name of your page.

We provide you an easy to read guide on how to do this or can do it all for you for a small fee.

All This For Just $1*. Your Own Dedicated Lead Generation Web And Face Book Boost Ready Ads.  Why Pay Hundreds Every Month To Promote A Third Party Web Site?
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