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Imagine a powerful marketing tool being in the hands of potential vendors in your Prime Marketing Area, a marketing tool that provides superb information that's quick and easy to read.  Imagine this same marketing tool being freely given by you and that features your name, your contact details and your web site.  Imagine all this for just $95. 

The Free Ebook is all this and more, the title 120 Ways To Sell Your Property For More says it all. The design is styled to appeal to wide ranging demographics and the content is quick and easy to read.  The power of positive people and property images ensures text content and salient hints and tips are readily appreciated by the reader. Your expertise and professionalism are before the people you value most in business, potential vendors.

The Free Ebook has both short and long term marketing potential for you, so many people keep and refer to information they value.  Yes, it is an additional cost of $99, but in the words of our client Steve Suter "...this is a no brainer, every Agent who is serious should have their own Ebook...".  Enough said.

The Free Ebook Page. Quick And Easy Data Capture

Making things easy for your potential clients is a must, you want people to complete the Free Ebook Request Form quickly, the contact data is priceless to you.

When you receive the email notification you can then call your prospective vendor for a friendly chat with the immediate follow on of sending them a link to get their gift copy from you.  The next day you can call again asking if they received their copy. It's all about S.W.A.P - Selling With A Purpose.

Desire. What Potential Vendors  Visualise

The DESIRE stage of Professional Selling Presentation is all about understanding the visualisation of what your prospect sees in their own mind. You know what drives vendors.

All being said, the majority of vendors have one consistent visual image in their mind, that their property is sold for the highest price possible in the shortest time and with no stress or pressure on them personally.  They are then able to move on to their next dream.   Your standing as their chosen Agent is enhanced and projected by your Free Ebook.

Free Boost Ready Ad For Your Face Book Business Page

When you take advantage of having the Free Ebook being integrated into your own Lead Generation web site you will be given a FREE Face Book Ad that's ready for you to boost.

The design features your own name and photo, the purpose being for you to place on your own Face Book business page.  You are seen to be professional, you are seen to be a marketing expert, you are seen to be a giver who freely invests knowledge with people. Most important of all, you are seen.